This Service Plan Agreement (this “Agreement”) sets forth the terms and conditions under which we will provide you the services described below. Please read these Terms and Conditions carefully. Coverage may be limited and certain exclusions apply.


“Plan” means either the Peace of Mind Plan or the Smart Start Plan, as applicable.
“You” and “your” means the resident or owner of the Eligible Facility covered by the Plan.
“We”, “us” and “our” means AiRCO Austin and/or AiRCO Mechanical.
“Agreement” means the agreement made up of these Terms and Conditions and the Enrollment Form executed by you.
“Authorized Repair Technician” means the repair person we dispatch in response to your call.
“Eligible Facility” means a single family residence or small business operating with a five ton heating or air conditioning unit or smaller, located within our service area. If the Eligible Facility is a house, townhouse, condominium, apartment unit, modular home or a manufactured home, it must be anchored to a permanent foundation and not moved for the duration of the Plan and applies only to the Equipment and systems serving the individual unit, not the common areas or shared systems in multiple unit dwellings.
“Effective Date” The date that your agreements is considered active.


The effective date shall be at midnight 15 calendar days from the date on which you agree to the terms and conditions and complete your first authorized payment.


The Plan covers the cost for the specific diagnosis and repair work itemized herein to repair Equipment rendered inoperable due to a mechanical failure caused by routine wear and tear subject to the applicable limitations and exclusions (the “Services”). The decisions to repair or replace a part will be made by us, in our reasonable discretion. The Plan does not provide any Service other than as specified herein.


The Equipment eligible for coverage under the Plan are natural gas or electric furnaces, air handlers, heat pumps, electric powered central air conditioners, package units, and mini-split systems (“Equipment”). The Equipment must be located in Eligible Facilities and:


The term of this Agreement shall commence on the Effective Date and continue for one year (the “Initial Term”). After the Initial Term, this Agreement will automatically renew in additional one-year increments unless terminated in writing no later then 10 days after your anniversary date to the address set forth in “How to Contact Us” or as otherwise provided in this Agreement. Customers residing in states that do not allow automatic renewal of Services shall receive a written renewal notice.


We will provide you written notification of any material changes to this Agreement 45 days in advance of the implementation of said changes. Notice will not be provided to you when changes are favorable to you or when changes are mandated by a regulatory agency. After notice of a material change, you may terminate this Agreement by providing written notice within the 45-day period prior to the effective date of the change. If you do not respond prior to the expiration of the 45-day period, the change will be deemed accepted by you. If we discontinue the Plan, our liability will be limited to completing any repairs or parts replacements underway at the time the Plan is discontinued.


You agree to make payment either monthly or annually, plus any applicable taxes, as stated on the Enrollment Form. This Agreement provides for the Electronic Fund Transfer for the purpose of making your monthly payment. If you select annual payments, payment will be drafted from a pre-authorized credit card on your anniversary date each year. Monthly payments will be drafted from a pre-authorized credit card on the day which you enrolled in each following month. You will not receive a monthly or annual bill. If you fail to make a payment when due for any reason, we may terminate your Plan as set forth below. If your payments are not current, we may refuse to provide service under the Plan. Except as otherwise specifically stated in this Agreement, your payments are non-refundable.


By Us:
We may at any time immediately terminate the Plan for non-payment, fraud or material misrepresentation without prior written notice. We may terminate the Plan any time by providing you with 30 days written notice.

By You:
In addition to your rights of termination provided in Section 4, you may terminate this Agreement by providing us with 30 days prior written notice to the address set forth in “How To Contact Us” and you shall be obligated to pay us an early termination charge of $150.00. You agree that the early termination charge is not a penalty but a reasonable estimate of the damages to us.


You may cancel this Agreement without payment or liability as provided in more detail on the Enrollment Form. You may also cancel this Agreement without further liability if you sell your home and move outside of our service area. You agree to provide us with a minimum of 15 days advance written notice of your relocation along with proof of your home sale.


Replacement of the complete heating or cooling system is not covered by the Plan. We will attempt to obtain a replacement part or an appropriate substitute as quickly as reasonably possible to repair your Equipment. Expedited shipping of parts is available upon your request and at your sole expense. You understand that limited availability of certain parts may result in delays from time to time. If we cannot repair the Equipment because a part is obsolete, no longer available or we cannot obtain it at a commercially reasonable cost, we will not be liable to make the replacement and you may terminate the Agreement with no further obligation. If we have not provided Services to you in the existing one year term, we will refund the payments you have made during that one year period. If we have provided you service you will receive no refund and may terminate with no further obligation. At your request, we will provide a quote for the replacement and installation of new equipment at a discounted rate. If you purchase new Equipment from us, we will modify your Plan to exclude Service for the new equipment and advise you of your new lower monthly rate.


Problems cannot always be diagnosed and repaired on the first service visit. We are not liable for losses or damages resulting from misdiagnosis or delays in completing diagnosis or repairs. If the Plan has been canceled or terminated, our obligation will continue, with respect to labor and defective parts for any repairs made by us, for 90 days after the date of the original repair. WE ARE NOT LIABLE FOR INDIRECT, CONSEQUENTIAL OR ECONOMIC DAMAGES OR FOR LOSS OR DAMAGES TO ANY PERSON OR PROPERTY ARISING FROM THE LOSS OF USE OR THE INABILITY TO USE THE EQUIPMENT TO THE EXTENT SUCH MAY BE DISCLAIMED BY LAW. All parts removed in connection with the Services become our property, and you agree to assign to us any assignable warranties available from any manufacturer or supplier of such removed part.


We collect and use personal information about you in order to establish and manage our business relationship with you. We share such information about you with our Authorized Repair Technicians in order to provide service under your Plan. You give us your consent to disclose information about you for the following purposes:

In order to maintain privacy of account and other proprietary customer information, we may request you provide us with certain information to verify your identity. You, your spouse and any authorized representative you may designate on the account will be required to provide such verification information before we will release any information related to your account or make any changes to the account. Unless you tell us otherwise, you also give us your consent to use and disclose your personal information to make you aware of our other products and services that may be of interest to you.


Following a thorough diagnosis, the Authorized Repair Technician shall make the determination whether the Service is covered by the Plan. The Plan covers all parts within the heating and cooling unit casing (i.e. capacitors, contactors, sequencers, relay, gas valve inside the furnace cabinet, control boards, defrost control boards, hard start kits, permanent split capacitor fan motors, heater kits for air handlers) as well as the thermostat, filter drier and txv valve, subject to the exclusions set forth herein.


Equipment with existing design faults or that has been abused, tampered with or
Damaged due to freezing weather conditions, subsidence, fire, lightning, explosion, earthquake, flood, storm, acts of war or other insurable risks or accidental or deliberate damage from vandalism or theft is not covered under the Plan. The Plan does not cover boilers, conversion burners and equipment using conversion burners, ductless wall units, equipment sized over 5 tons, geothermal units, high velocity units, natural gas powered air conditioners, oil or steam units and water cooled units. No Services will be provided if the Authorized Repair Technician is prevented from entering an Eligible Facility due to the presence of animals, insects, unsafe conditions, or if the Equipment is not easily accessible, or is located outside of the permanent foundation of the Eligible Facility (except for heat pumps & central air conditioning units).

Equipment parts not covered under the Plan include, but may not be limited to:

The Plan will not cover:

All service work under the Plan, including parts and labor must be provided by an Authorized Repair Technician. We will not reimburse you for service performed by someone other than us or one of our Authorized Repair Technicians.


All Smart Start Plan members can upgrade to the Peace of Mind Plan which includes an annual preventative maintenance check of your heating and cooling units and a safety test for carbon monoxide (if applicable). We will contact you when it is time to schedule your maintenance and safety inspection, but it is your responsibility to schedule the appointment. Inspections must be scheduled during the existing one year term. Unused inspections will be lost upon the expiration of this Agreement.


If current building or other code violations are discovered by the Authorized Repair Technician before or during the performance of the Services, we shall stop work until you complete the necessary corrective work at your sole expense. If a permit is required to perform the Services, the cost of such permit will be charged to you. We will not perform the Services if the appropriate permits cannot be obtained.


The Services do not include the identification, detection, abatement, encapsulation or removal of asbestos, radon gas, mold or products or material containing asbestos, radon gas, mold or other hazardous substances. If any hazardous materials are encountered in the course of performing the Services, the Authorized Repair Technician has no obligation to continue the work until such products or materials are abated, encapsulated or removed, or it is determined that no hazard exists (as the case may require). We shall have no obligation to arrange for and will have no liability for the removal of, failure to detect or contamination as a result of its failure to detect any asbestos, radon gas, mold or other hazardous products or materials.


a. This Agreement shall be governed by and construed and enforced in accordance with the laws of the State of Texas without regard to the conflict of laws provisions thereof.
b. If a dispute arises out of this Agreement and cannot be settled through negotiations, the parties agree to try in good faith to settle the dispute by mediation before resorting to litigation. The fees for the mediation will be borne equally by the parties.
c. These Terms and Conditions, together with the signed Enrollment Form, make up the entire agreement between you and us. There are no other written or verbal representations, rights, obligations or inducements (including those of sales agents) that are binding on us.
Disputes or complaints about the Services provided by us or this Agreement should be directed to 512-537-1234.
d. We may assign this Agreement, in whole or part, or any of our rights and obligations hereunder, or pledge the Agreement or proceeds thereunder as security for any obligation, without your consent, to the fullest extent allowed by law. Upon such assignment, you agree that we shall have no further obligation under this Agreement. This Agreement is not assignable by you without our prior written consent.
e. Any action we take or fail to take does not mean that we give up any of our rights under this Agreement.
f. We will make commercially reasonable efforts to fulfill our obligations under this Agreement. Certain causes and events that are out of our reasonable control (“Force Majeure Event(s)”) may result in our inability to perform under this Agreement. If we are unable to perform our obligations, in whole or in part, due to a Force Majeure Event, then our obligations shall be suspended to the extent made necessary by such Force Majeure Event, and in no event shall we be liable to you for damages caused by any Force Majeure Event. Force Majeure Events include, but are not limited to, acts of God, fire, war, flood, earthquake, acts of terrorism, acts of any governmental authority, accidents, strikes, labor troubles, shortages in supply, changes in laws, rules, or regulations of any governmental authority, or any other cause beyond our reasonable control.
g. If you smell gas or suspect there is a gas leak, leave the premises immediately and call your gas company from outside.


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By mail: Airco Austin – 1000 S Interstate 35, Round Rock, TX 78681
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